Monthly Archives: September 2018

81 Podcast – E25-Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee!!! 25th! episode! Join us as we reflect on our journey of 81 Podcast. It is a dream come true for us but at the same time we are striving for more! A dream is only a dream if there are no set goals and achivements to persue….we have many goals to accomplish therefore … Continue reading 81 Podcast – E25-Golden Jubilee

81 Podcast – E23-I am greedy and I am needy

Can greed be controlled? Do we have the will power to control it? what is good greed and what identifies the bad ones? Is greed a product of jelousy and envy? Yes and no, we feel that we need the money to live life but than again greed is not only about money… it can … Continue reading 81 Podcast – E23-I am greedy and I am needy