81 Podcast – E26-Experience

“Experiences”, do we enjoy each experience to the fullest? Do we limit our choices based on money, self-criticism? Amit and Luis share their different experiences of what makes them happy, one enjoys live music events and the other prefers the adrenaline of driving fast cars. We also share our “Costco” experience, surprisengily we shared the … Continue reading 81 Podcast – E26-Experience

81 Podcast – E25-Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee!!! 25th! episode! Join us as we reflect on our journey of 81 Podcast. It is a dream come true for us but at the same time we are striving for more! A dream is only a dream if there are no set goals and achivements to persue….we have many goals to accomplish therefore … Continue reading 81 Podcast – E25-Golden Jubilee